Friday, March 18, 2011

Work, Hobbies and Everything in between

Life gets interesting when you're not sure what's work and what's play. The crochet items will go to various charities. I meet with two different groups of gals for great conversation as we knit and crochet whatever folks seem to be needing these days.
The painted images here take a bit more explanation.The center one is a detail of that large painting with the flying toast & stuff. The lower image is a detail of the painted finish I did on my bathroom walls.
What made this interesting (and a bit confusing from the work or play aspect) was that I made neckties and a bunch of other products from these images and had a lo of fun trying to see how they'd wrap around different surfaces.
I enjoyed it a lot but who know whether or not the products will sell. I guess that's how I'll know if people liked them or not.

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