Sunday, March 13, 2011

A more organized approach

I'd been designing some things with this old sunflower painting on them and began to wonder what would happen if I took a a more traditional approach to the subject. I've never had the patience for  graphing everything out so I figures it was about time to give it a try. If it gets tedious I can always pull out my palette knives and let fly.
I pulled out my paints after I wrote this and just realized that the whole day had gotten away from me when I heard the evening news come on and my phone went off. I'm not quite sure how it's coming along but I had a lot of fun flinging paint at 2 other canvases as I was putting my supplies away. There's paint on the table, my hands, arms and clothes. I'm so worn out, I'd have probably kept at it until I fell over. Most people don't understand this and you can't really explain it to anyone that's never done or felt it. I've stopped trying to explain my world to anyone else other than the few lines I write about it here.

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