Thursday, March 24, 2011

You never know what will pop up...or out around here!

I've been sorting and re-arranging tings around here again. When you've got as many hobbies, interests and businessess I have all going on at the same time in 600 square feet it's amazing, challenging and chaotic but never dull.
Today I was going through a bin of crochet things and a stack of art "stuff" because I was looking for a pattern for crochet flowers which I DID find along with a number of other things that had "gone missing" recently.
Another thing that got me started on all of that was finding an old envelope I was decorating for a friend. Actually at this point it's half an envelope...I'd gotten carried away with my watercolors and painted so many flowers on it that there wasn't any room left for addresses so I'd trimmed it to fit a small frame and hoped to sell it. When it didn't go it was tossed into the pile again where of course it lived until it turned up again and I'm happy to say it went on lots of interesting adventures on new products.

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