Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've been exploring some of the cheaper colors in the paints I prefer to use. In the 44 years I've been painting I've never thought about the expense much, I just need to paint and prefer this brand, texture and intensity to get the results I want. Is that selfish? probably but I just know what works for me.
There can be as much as a 10.00 difference in the prices between some colors in the same line of paints so I'm working with some of the cheaper ones and seeing how much difference it will make on a project like this one. Meanwhile, it just feels good to be painting again and I'm hoping to get the easel moved out of  the dining room sometime in the next week or so as the weather improves. The daffodils in the front yard are getting ready to bloom and I check them every day so that I can get started on a new series of drawings of them as soon as I can. Things change so quickly that you just don't want to miss that "perfect" moment. Putting the easel in the yard will keep it handy for good weather and any of the sections of the garden that I decide I want to paint.

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