Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bag Lunch and Mud Pies

I had company for a while yesterday, had lunch and watched movies while I sewed a messenger style bag for a gal but we had such a good time that I completely forgot to shoot any pictures of the project which was completed and left with them.

Today we're headed out to fill the new box we build last week. Thanks goodness there are plenty of extra hosta around here to plant all 12 feet of it. I'll drag the camera along this time and will include a picture as soon as we get back to the computer.
Well, you may have heard that weather is pretty changeable in Minnesota. It looked fine when we went out and we moved a couple of wheelbarrow load of soil into the planter and divided one big clump of hosta from the front yard when it started to rain. I figured that wouldn't be a problem because I was planning to take a shower anyway. I got several of the new plants in as it began to rain harder and harder but I just wanted to finish with those last two. Well, I got my shower alright! I'll shoot a picture of the planter as soon as things clear up. How's the weather, and the gardening in your part of the world?

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