Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Before and After with Scrap Lumber, Problem Solved

As you can see the foundation of our house had been repaired on and off for years but was pretty ugly. My solution was to design this planter box that Doug and I built out of various scrap building supplies we had around the place. The only new materials used were 2 cedar 1x12's and 2, 1x4's.
You can see complete project photos and read more about it at
The thing that really excites me about this project is that I can put all of the plant debris in the bottom of it as I clean up the yard for the season and then top it with soil and plant it full of hosta which needed to be transplanted and thinned anyway. It will take less soil to fill it this year and I can always add more soil in years ahead as the plant matter breaks down. It seems to be a winning situation on many levels and the fact that our total cost was under $39.00 really made us smile.

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