Monday, May 16, 2011

Thoughts from the Garden on Watercolor Painting

This time as I begin to paint I'm not thinking about painting a vase of flowers. I'm taking some time to really look at them and work on the shading and contours of the different kinds of leaves as well as the flowers. I'm taking my time with this and plan to keep at it until I've filled the page and come up with a technique I like. It's more of a study or an exercise than anything else and with everything blooming so fast in the garden I'll have plenty of things to paint in the weeks to come. The daffodils are gone and the tulips are near the end, I just about missed them entirely this year as I spent too much time on a couple of the drawings. This fall I may try to work from a few of the photos I took but in the meantime I've got some germaniums, violas and a fuchsia to work with.

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