Monday, May 23, 2011

Fast and Fun Recycle Project: valance into storage or gift bag

I made this valance a couple of weeks ago and decided that I didn't like it but didn't want to take it apart either.
My Solution?
1.fold it in half and sew the side and bottom. (be sure to leave an opening in that side seam to run a tie through the casing)
2. find something to thread through the casing to tie the bag closed (a piece of old cord from mini blinds, a fabric tie from an old dress, almost anything will work)
I make these little fabric tubes whenever I've got strips of fabric left over from anything. They come in handy for making pony tail scrunchies (when elastic is run through them) or as handles for tote bags. there's always something they come in handy for so this time I've stitched a couple of them together to run through the casing of this bag and tie it closed.
OK, it isn't beautiful but would come in plenty handy to pack or store things in. I'm assuming you've got better taste in decorating and fabric selections so yours might be gorgeous.

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