Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Updates on the weeks projects

I guess you're wondering where I've been. A lot of the time has been spent on Zazzle seeing what sorts of products the new watercolor paintings look good on.

I spent quite a lot of time decorating the senior center with all of the leaves that I'd made from watercolors and card stock. I also took the tablecloth and new centerpiece that I'd make over there so that more people can enjoy them.

Back in the dining room sorting and organizing continues and 2 bags of "stuff" went to the local thrift store. Of course I stop often to stick odd bits of pictures, catalog pictures and other things together to make my letters fun for everyone. It's the sort of break that energizes me and keeps the rest of the job in here from being tedious.

I wander out in the garden from time to time to pick things up and get them put away for the season but all of the leaves falling on my tea table make me sad. We'll miss our outdoor home this winter and I think our friends will miss it too.

There's mending and sewing to be done and  scads of dull and boring housework to do so I'll close this now before I depress us all.

I think I'll head to Zazzle and make myself a nice coffee cup and take a break.

I'm wishing you pleasant and productive days ahead and lots of fun too.

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