Friday, July 24, 2015

Garden lifestyle and routine

This photo was taken along the driveway at the edge of my garden. It's a shaggy mess but I'm loving it more than ever before. The big surprise is how really tiny these multi flowering sunflowers are. I'd been expecting something
more impressive.

This is becoming a regular routine with me lately. I head out to the garden with a cup of coffee or tea and when I've relaxed a while and finished it I fill the cup with lettuce and pick enough peas to fill the saucer before I head back to the house.

The stargazer lilies are beginning to bloom and I'm really looking forward to working with them. This year I'll start with water color and then move to pencil, ink, and acrylic paints.

I'm still painting and re-arranging the patio furniture to make it a lot more pleasant to have company in the garden and to make it all about relaxing, sharing and healing in the garden.

I hope to be sharing more photos of that soon too.

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