Sunday, July 26, 2015

Garden Plans and Progress

This may not look like much to most people but we've put this gravel path between my wheelchair ramp and the driveway to give me easy access to the container garden and the patio area where all of the lawn furniture is. It also gets me to the worktable on the other side of that storage box. Next year I hope to run the gravel all the way over to the hosta on this side and up to the curb on the other so that my husband no longer has to mow that corner of the yard.

I'm having these lemon lilies moved to another part of the garden so that I will be able to take care of them better and they'll be easy to cut when I want to send flowers home with visitors.

The look of the front border changes all of the time depending on which of my treasures are blooming. I'll be building a path over to this side of the garden next ( the lawn is uneven and the power wheelchair keeps dropping into ruts along the way)

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