Thursday, February 25, 2016

Raising Butterflies, Painting Lilacs

The easiest way to start painting lilacs is to lay in shades of purple and green, don't think about this part too much. You're just looking for a general background to work the leaves and the flowers over.

Paint flowers over the purple areas and leaves and branches on some of the green ones.

After the branches and the flowers the way you want them to be put center dots in each flower with bits of yellow and brown.

We're going to be  raising and releasing butterflies in the garden off and on throughout the season this year so I've decided to start teaching myself to start painting them on everything too.

The Chrysalides were next.

I'm looking forward to our butterfly year and think you'll enjoy it too.

March 3rd was moving day and we put them into the habitat.

They were out and beginning to fly on May 7th.

I've  promised my sister that she can release them so they may have to wait until the weekend and warmer weather to be free.

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