Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tea Cozy Project


Start by rounding up all of the teapots, fabric and insulating materials that you've got. In this case an old and badly mended bath towel will disappear inside a to help keep things warm. 

Next will come your design decisions like which teapot is the right size for the bits of fabric that you have. In my case I'm trying to use the medallion is that dark blue fabric. 

The blue and white is the outside fabric. The old towel is in the middle and the yellow fabric is the inside lining. Think of it as sliding one bag inside another and then sealing them shut.

It's nearly finished now, I'm just doing a bit of quilting to neaten it up and keep all of the layers together.

  I would have liked it better if both of the outside pieces had been the same but the fabric sample just wasn't a big enough piece to do that with.

Here's what the lining looks like. It could be reversible unless you've made the inside pieces smaller.

I made each of the inside layers a bit smaller so that it would fit the teapot better.

The second tea cozy went together much easier. I sewed the outside and the lining together and then the lining on it's own and had cut it a bit longer so that I could fold it up over the front and make a binding out of it. 

You'll notice that I've made them different shapes and sizes to fit different teapots. The better that you fit them, the better job they will do of keeping things hot.

I'm pleased with the results so far and will make one more in patchwork of the scraps from the first 2. No matter how many of them are used at the same time, The colors are similar and they'll all look nice together. When I do a party, I make one pot black, one green and one tisane.

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