Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can't you take a compliment?

As I was out trimming vines and branches out of the fence line this morning a couple of people walked by and complimented me on the flowers and garden. Instead of saying "thanks", this is what popped out of my mouth "It's pretty shaggy but I'm doing the best I can".

Why can't I just own up to the fact that it's a "work in progress", a glorious mess and I love it dearly? I'm not even entirely sure what's weeds and which are flowers anymore...

I did invest in a few annuals to brighten things up and provide consistent color as the perennials aren't as showy and don't last as long. I'm enjoying all of it well aware that my health and my finances will put a sudden stop to it someday. Beauty, no matter how brief is always well worth the effort.
Here's one of the birdhouses Doug and I built and that I painted last summer and the sign that's a little reminder of what we're trying to do here. On the other side of this arbor is another birdhouse I'd painted a few years ago which has been well occupied and busy the last couple of weeks. We've really been enjoying watching them as well as the other visitors to the other 3 bird houses, 2 butterfly houses, 4 bird feeders and 2 bird baths in the front garden.

There will always be weeds and although I don't enjoy the smell, the milkweed is essential to the butterflies. I had the opportunity a year or so ago to watch a new butterfly stretch and dry it's wings before getting ready to move on. It was strangely relaxing and satisfying. The sort of thing that most people miss in the hurry of everyday life in the city.
I'm happy here and hope that I can stay but I'm also at peace with life and not going to spoil my day worrying about it.       How about you?

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