Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making the Best of whatever you can find

STORAGE TO GO: I'll bet you wonder why I sew up so many bags to carry things in. There are a lot of reasons: I give a lot of them away, I sell some but The most important reason is that I can take some odd bits of fabric that were in the way (I don't have much space here) and I can turn them into storage for other items. Sometimes the type or the color of the fabrics used will help me stay organized and remember what's inside them and they're always ready to go whenever I need them.

MAKING THE BEST OF THINGS: This lily didn't look like much among the weeds but as you can tell by some of the photos it will have a big impact when used to base some drawings and photos on. I may even cut them to have something pretty in the house or just at my table outside.

SPEAKING OF PAINTING: I continue to be inspire by the sunflowers I grew here a couple of years ago so I keep painting them on rainy days and it seems to cheer me up.

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