Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden Update

It's still to warm outside to suit me but I figured I'd better look things over in the garden and get a few things watered. The rain barrel is running low so it takes a bit longer to fill my watering can and get the job done but it's better for the environment, the budget and my heath (I need the exercise).

I lost a few plants to the heat but others seem to be loving it.

I'm not sure if this photo quite captures the size of this rosebush. (the fence behind it is 5 ft. tall so that should give you some idea.) Believe it or not I pruned it down to about 2 ft. tall just a few months ago. I just wish I'd gotten pictures when it was really covered in roses. Is it just me, or has the season just flown by?

The lilies continue to go strong and I'm planing to to get back to drawing and painting them as soon as I finish this post and get some dishes done. It's amazing how fast the day goes! 

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