Thursday, July 21, 2011

Staying Cool

I've been staying indoors where it's cool during the recent hot weather and was really excited to see the blossoms open on the little orange tree in my dining room. It seems that even when I'm not out in the garden I've always got something to do with plants and flowers.
Being indoors gave me a bit of time to scrapbook about the drawing that I did on Tuesday and all of the things I've been making with it since then.
I'm feeling like painting and have a few ideas in mind so there should be new work and photos soon. There seems to be a bit of time and process involved between the idea in my head, the feeling in my heart and the way it shoots out of my fingers. I wish I could share a real sense of the experience for you. It's a very special place in space and time that consumes everything else. When people say I get carried away-they're right.

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