Friday, September 9, 2011

A few more steps

5. Feel free to turn your work to avoid touching areas of wet paint and to make it easier to paint in small details.

6. Keep inspiration handy so that you can see how well you've captured the item that you've decided to paint. As you can see here I've decided to use a black background and a small bristle brush (the coarser the better) to tap in Alizarin Crimson and Cad Red Medium to get the look of the old red wool stocking.

7. As long as you've got the reds laid out on your palette you might as well get out a small bit of white and add small dabs of the resulting pinks to the background that you're building. (With the price of good paints being what they are we don't want any of it to go to waste)

8. I've added the black to the are where the Granny Squares are going to be (I'm much more accustomed to crocheting them than painting them so this should be interesting). As there was a small amount of black left on the palette this was a good time to add the stitching details to the stocking as well.

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