Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pencil Designs for Christmas Cards

The best place to start is with the things you have so I grabbed this Christmas stocking I made from a lot of scrap items that were given to me (and which hasn't sold on eBay or etsy) and then I started pulling other items out of boxes of old Christmas decorations and arranging them in different ways to get the creative process going. All you really need is a good idea so just jump in and try something. 

The next decision of course is which media and surface you're going to work on. I selected some 140 pound watercolor greeting cards with lighter weight envelopes and colored pencils. What you see here is the design for the corner of the envelope. The beauty of working this way is that even if I don't get a design that will work for publication or production, there's always someone special that will love a hand drawn card and envelope. Most of the people that I write to say they have great conversations with their mail carriers over my work and that adds even more fun to the experience.
Here's a close up of the envelope.

...and here's the start of my design for the card.

What I really like about this design idea is that it works in either a vertical or horizontal format and leaves lots of room for text boxes, calligraphy or any other way that I'd want to add a greeting to it.

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