Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bright, wild and fun painted patio table n progress

This is the underside of the tabletop and is a design I use a lot to kind of "stitch" a project together.

The yellow rim with flowers was painted last summer and should be fun combined with the other design elements I'm adding this year.

This is my favorite little table for my coffee and teacups out on the deck so I'm hoping to finish painting it in the next week or so. Yes, I'm anxious to be using it again.

I'm thinking daisies on the blue legs and roses on the green ones. Haven't decided what to do with the pink or purple ones yet.

The design on the feet is just dots but makes me smile and think of my favorite childhood cereal.

It's hard to tell right now but I think it will all work together to make the finished project sing and make people smile.

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