Sunday, April 26, 2015

Garden progress and planning a greenhouse window

There's a lot of planting and transplanting going on now from the large houseplant to a strawberry jar for the deck along with some chives and lettuce that will be part of the new greenhouse window project.

This went pretty well except that I got the power wheelchair stuck while trying to drive across the lawn between the ramp and my driveway. We're hoping to build some sort of solid walkway to avoid that. I'd forgotten my cell phone so i had to sit out there until my husband missed me and came looking for me. NOT my finest hour!

It went really well. I'm using a large patio pot as my potting station and it seems to be just the right height to keep everything handy.

One thing I hadn't counted on is how much of the dirt landed on the footrest of my chair. "It gives planting your feet somewhere" and "putting down roots" a whole new meaning and really made us laugh. I hope you're having fun with your gardens too...Even though some of us still have to be hauling things in and out of the house as we wait for warmer weather. I LOVE "playing in the dirt"!

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