Saturday, April 18, 2015

Transplanting lilies, hosta, violets and lily of the valley from a wheelchair

I can't do the digging anymore but my husband digs up the plants I want, I trim and divide them and decide where they're supposed to go before he does the planting.

It's going well and we just do a bit of it a day.

In the house I'm starting a lot of seed and each year I do more container gardening so that I can take care of things myself.

We also hung a few birdhouses. I hold them where I want them to go on the sides of the wheelchair ramp while my husband attaches them. It's nice to know that lots of bird nest at different heights so I can continue to enjoy watching them.

This time of year several types of birds flit back and forth between  the 7 different birdhouses in my front yard as they try to choose the right one for them. We really enjoy watching and listening to them and yes,
I've painted all of the houses myself so they seem to be art critics as well.

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