Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bringing your eye through the Garden

We spent yesterday painting the birdbath white and transplanting hosta. This side of the yard is so shady that colors just didn't show up. We're hoping that the contrast of the bright edges on the hosta and a white birdbath, bench and arbor will bring your eye through the front garden. We'll be waiting to paint the arbor because all of the birdhouses are full and busy right now but we do plan to have it done before they start moving in next year.

Even the birds seem to like the changes because it puts the birdbath between the bird houses and the bird feeders. Who wouldn't like a house by the pool and nearby food?

When we opened the window this morning they were singing and sitting on the rail of the wheelchair ramp next to birdhouse that I've got mounted to the side of it.

It cheers me up so much being able to watch all of the activity as the birds flit around between things and raise their little families.

A well designed garden is a healing experience that I hope to be able to share with even more people this year and in the future.

It beats up  my power wheelchair driving over the grass and gravel around here but we're hoping to add some solid paths soon.

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