Sunday, May 31, 2015

Container Garden

A few of the strawberries are getting ripe so I keep these on the deck so it will be easy to add them to a bowl of cereal or just munch on them whenever they're ready. Out in the garden they'd be eaten long before I got to them.

 I transplanted lettuce, chives and strawberries into this large pot yesterday so that they'll have plenty of room to spread out and grow where they'll be easy to tend to and to pick when they're ready.

I pulled the sunflowers out of the center of this pot now that they're big enough not to be trampled or eaten by animals. I'll probably move the lettuce out of here too once the peas begin to fill the supports and container.

I also transplanted a few other things out of here to make more space for everything to grow without crowding. Dense packing them  seems to make the plants stronger and gets them of to a good start.

 The orange pot is full of carrots. I'm growing 3 different varieties this year.

I didn't have enough flowers to fill this brown pot so I added violets from around the yard and a vew silk flowers at the back. I hate to use them but they were recycled from an old cemetary flower arrangement and at least they got put to a happier use.

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