Friday, May 15, 2015

Transplanting, container garden

You can barely see this old raised planter box in the back yard. We've been transplanting all of the strawberries and chives that were in it and as soon as we get EVERYTHING out of it we'll be moving the box itself to the front garden where I can get at it with the wheelchair.
     Yes, we'll be raising it to a better height for working it with the chair too.
This one is made of recycled materials and any additions to it will be as well.

  This pot has a miniature sunflower at the center, peas planted to vine up around the cage and and lettuce around the outside edge.

The red tower has strawberries in it and is surrounded by a lot of other plants that I'll be sharing and moving around the garden. (hosta, chives, lily of the valley, nasturtiums, violets, and many other things)

Adding art to some of the pots makes it harder for animals to to dig things up and damage or remove plants. It looks great too and makes people smile.

I'll be putting these hosta in the ground along the sidewalk and just in front of the arbor.

This is the corner of my container garden and in this small area I've already got peas, lettuce, carrots, onions, sunflowers and strawberries planted in it.

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