Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Garden Tea

 This is just the unused end of the driveway but I'm attempting to turn it into a patio and container garden. Work is going slowly but each year it gets a little better.

I sewed the cloth napkins by hand.

 I also sewed the cloth under the teapots.

I like the idea of entertaining in a space where herbs fruits and veggies are handy providing anyone drops by when things are ready to pick.

I ended up bringing in some TV trays so I am trying to decide whether to use a larger tea table after this or just move plants off the small mesh table so that we can keep it as an end table next to the glider.

We've brought an old, white wicker chair up out of the back garden and we'll try to put the stack planter on that to free up the mesh table. 

This part of the garden is also where we've created a bit of interest and fun by setting up little scenes in some of the plants.

 This table is down in the front garden and is a good place to escape midday heat and sun.

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