Friday, June 12, 2015

My day in the garden

This is my idea of a garden. You can relax and take your time so that it hardly seems like work at all. It's pleasant, comfortable and everything is handy.

This stacking planter is on the deck for easy picking when the lettuce, strawberries,pea pods, lettuce and radishes are ready. They've grown quite a bit in the last week or so.

I was unsure of some of the flower seeds and bulbs that I had so I started them in a pot so they'd be easier to keep track of. Now that they'd outgrown that I had them put in the flower boeder at the front of the yard.

I've got nice cushions for this furniture whenever I have company and when I've got time I'll repaint the furniture itself.

You can barely see the trellis I built anymore. It's a full and busy place...good eating too. We've been cutting lettuce for about a week.

I still have a shaded area for all of the baby plants and they're doing well too.

This hanging basket is an experiment to see if pea pods will grow hanging down instead of climbing up on things.

The onions seem to be doing well too.

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