Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Sunday Gardener

One of the things I love about a garden is that it changes everyday. I had a few ripe strawberries to munch on while transplanting a few things.

Before I tell you about that, here are a couple pf pictures of my flowers.

And here's a picture of my road to happiness. To most people it's just a brown patch in the lawn but to me it's the path that gets me from the wheelchair ramp into my garden and as you can see it's well worn.

As you can see the lettuce and Chinese cabbage were pretty crowded by all the peas running up the Art Sculpture Trellis so I transplanted quite a lot of it to several other planters around the garden.

This long planter used to be home to 4 strawberry plants but is now being used for my salad garden. only 2 of the strawberry plants are setting fruit so they're in separate pots on another table.

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