Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Artist's First Half Century

When I was a kid I painted everything around me. The desire was there  as was impulse, instinct and what many called talent and potential. I avoided an art education because I wanted to see how it developed without outside influence. 

The problem with being self taught is that your teacher doesn't know any more about anything than you do so there's a very long, slow learning curve and not much progress for years at a time. 

Before you can even learn how to paint you have to learn how to breathe and not only look at your subject but to really see it. Only then can you feel it enough to ignite that creative spark that fires the imagination behind a painting that works for you and for those who see it. 

Clearly that's not happening this week. I've been painting for nearly a half of a century and it rarely happens yet I can't stop trying. I wish  I could explain what it's like in that one magic moment when everything's right or why the drive is so strong to want it to happen again.

Now that I've explained where I am in the process I'm ready to put it behind me and begin again. I can't wait to see where it takes me this time!

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