Friday, October 25, 2013

Painting and cutting paper decorations for fall

The photos I'm working with were taken right from my studio window, the fake flowers are from dollar tee and the cardboard leaves were 25 years old torn on the back and poked full of holes. Somehow I needed to take what I had and decorate a whole building.

I started with some marked and stained watercolor paper and traced around the cardboard leaves, being careful to lay them down in a way to take advantage of where the existing bits of color were. It was fun to relax and just paint a few random bits of color to fill them in.

The fun came when I cut them out and put them in the copy machine. I got lots of different effects by making a copy on photo paper, some on regular card stock  and a few on different colors of card stock. The assortment of different looks are kind of nice together and will be mixed with plain/solid color card stock in orange and gold.

I hate to think what the ink and various papers cost me but i had them on hand and it will brighten things up a lot in the building I'm decorating.

Now that I've got all of this made I can move on to some watercolor paintings based on my photos so that I can decorate the envelopes and get these cards out in the mail.

The next project after that will be to do some drawings based on the centerpiece before I give that away too.

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  1. You're creativity amazes me! :-)