Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The art that came to town and what happened next

I continue to sort through the clutter here and "found" a few interesting photos that I'll share here.

This photo is 12 years old and only one of these paintings remains here and even it has been painted over a couple of times. I'm glad this photo turned up because it's confirmation of the fact that my work has changed and improved in a lot of ways over the last decade or so.

 This photo shows that I finally got a lot of my hobbies together. I drew the iris on the pillowcases before I embroidered them and I printed several of my paintings on fabric before making this quilt and stitching them in. I don't have any of these things anymore either except for that pillowcase which is rarely used but thoroughly enjoyed whenever I want to feel a bit spoiled and special.

My bedroom is too tiny for a dresser or closet so we put a row of cabinets around the top of the room so we'd have somewhere to put things. We didn't want them to stand out too much so I did different paintings inside each of the doors so it looked like there were paintings in the room. A lot of people don't even notice that there are cabinets in the room so I consider that a successful idea.

I decided to put the pictures together into a scrapbook page which will keep me from loosing them again and give me someplace to add any more pictures that I might find while going through things around here.

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