Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The start of the garden

There were a lot of drainage problems with this property when we moved here so my husband and I have put in 20 TONS of gravel with just shovels and wheelbarrows to give the water a few places to go and keep everything else dry.

The driveway was mostly dirt and a couple of puddle filled ruts so a lot of another type of gravel making it into a driveway that we could actually use. Quite a lot went into a 18 foot circle around our campfire ring and the rest went into pathways and borders engineered to move water where we want it to go.

The first plant was this old rosebush that came from Doug's grandparent's farm and went on to his parent's farm and then to everyplace we've ever lived. We're all at home here and it's spread a LOT in the years since this picture was taken.

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