Saturday, October 12, 2013

Resistance is a good place to start

There are technology enhanced beings in Star Trek called the Borg who always say "resistance is futile" when approaching those that they want to take over and I got to thinking "resistance is..." and came up with the following thoughts a few years ago. The notebook I'd written it in turned up while sorting through my studio space so I thought I'd share it here since I didn't know what else to do with it and will quite probably loose it again.

Have you ever noticed how hostile people can get when you start making positive choices?

As they trudge along in their comfortable ruts they wonder how you have the nerve to poke your head up out of your own rut to start looking at the world in a new way.

As you make changes in each area of yourself and your life they get more uncomfortable with the new you.

They begin to ask "What's your problem?" and suddenly we realize that we don't have one anymore-we've been able to leave both excess baggage and our own rut behind us as we move on to the brighter and better life we would have had all along if we hadn't fallen into a rut in the first place.

I often wonder what shape the world would take if we all climbed out of those ruts and left the negativity behind.

in a RUTLESS world we could see more clearly into the future which would change the way we look at everything and hopefully history would stop repeating itself and wars would cease.

There are some parts of the world that have never been stable or peaceful. Marching in and killing people won't change that, it only diminishes us and keeps the cycle going.

There ARE choices beyond staying in ruts or going in circles- move ahead to find or create a better future-
I'll meet you there.

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