Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hope for Spring

We're looking at below zero temps tonight and my thoughts are with all of the people that don't have adequate heat or shelter in weather like this. I used to put thought into action by crocheting a lot of things to keep people warm and comfortable. Most of the time it was hats, scarves and lap robes or small afghans.

My hands no longer allow that and I never have any money so there's little I can do except continue designing and hope to make some money. Right now I'm designing lots of products with that last Iris painting on them and am challenged to see just how far that I can push the design.

Each day when I grab the laptop and head for the table to work ( I'm learning to type left handed until I can find voice activated software that works well for me).

Anyway...back at the table I had to smile because my flower seed has sprouted and grown a couple of inches from yesterday. More leaves are beginning to appear and it's a great reminder that life goes on.

I can't wait to see if they'll grow this great indoors.

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