Friday, January 20, 2017

Painting Last Summer's Garden

After having tea out in the garden one day I decided to pick some lettuce and pea pods for lunchtime salads. Since I didn't have anything handy to put them in I used my cup and saucer and loved the way it looked. I took photos and started a painting back then but didn't get anywhere near a finish until yesterday.

At this point the painting could be finished but I'm wanting to change the background so we scanned it just in case I ruin it now.

Another thing that we did with it was to remove the background on the computer and use the image on an assortment of different backgrounds on products in my zazzle stores.

My favorite one was to add it to my flying dishes painting that I'd done about 18 years ago. It blended with it so well that I'm probably the only person that can tell it was added on.

Many of my paintings have had blue and white dishes on them over the years so it will be fun to see how well it combines with those too.

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