Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sketchbooks, Scrapbooks and where to go from there

Hi there,

I've just spent a few days looking through and re-arranging some scrapbooks an sketchbooks and deciding what else I can do with a lot of the material available that I hadn't done before.

I turned a number of drawings into rubber stamp designs and was even inspired to do a few new drawings for that project.

I re- arranged scrapbooks so that there's one for press clippings, one for drawings and then several others on different subjects so that I've got everything close at hand for the times that people ask me what sorts of other art and craft projects I've done. I find it much easier to show them than to tell them and keep all of this on the same shelf as the books and magazines that I've been in.

Between that and the scrapbook wall I put together recently I'll be in good shape in case anyone comes around to interview me again.

That done I can get relax and get back to some real art again.

I can hardly wait!

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